Membership Plan

Question: I've registered for a day and time for the year that no  longer works. How do I change my class?
Answer: Your membership entitles you to concierge service. Contact us via phone, email or text and we will take care of it for you.  
Question: I need to cancel my membership. How do I do that? 
Answer: Requests for membership cancellations need to be made 45 days prior to your last class in writing to 
We do not recommend cancelling mid semester as your child develops musically over time and a minimum of 8 weeks of class is needed to insure that development takes place. We can work with you and your child if there are any classroom management or adjustment issues such as naps or other behaviors.
You will be charged the balance for the semester(s) you are currently attending as well as class materials if your cancellation occurs mid semester. 
Contact us via phone, email or text if you have questions. 
If you cancel and re-enroll within a year, we will charge a $50 fee.   
*If you have a compelling personal circumstance, medical issue or financial hardship please contact us directly for assistance. 
Question: Can I switch my membership to a specialty class such as Canta y Baila Conmigo® or Rhythm Kids?
Answer: You may switch to one of these classes but there will be a fee for materials.
Question: Can I pause my membership during the year?
Answer: Yes. We can put your membership on pause with 30 day notification as specified for the cancellation policy.  
Question: My child is under 8 months and enrolled for free. What happens when they are over that age limit ? 
Answer: Once your child is over 8 months, we will be charging them a pro rated sibling price.  
General Information:
All classes will follow our 12 week semester schedules. You can view end dates and scheduled closings by clicking on the schedule tabs by semester. 
Class start and end dates : Classes will be run in three 12 week semesters - Fall, Winter and Spring. Your class meeting dates are listed on the website under " Schedule." 
Bonus/ Makeup classes: As a member, you are entitled to Unlimited bonus and makeup classes. These can be used at any time during the membership year - Sept through June. Please note that all classes must be scheduled in advance using our online system. If you do not see a class listed under the online scheduler, that means that the class is full. Please select another day and time. Contact us if you have difficulty scheduling.    
Updated credit card info:We will be charging your credit card on file. Contact us if you wish to change or update the card on file. Should your card be declined we will be contacting you to update the number we have on file. 
 Your registration will be paused if after a 14 day period you have not contacted us to update your credit card .